Wiley’s Job

A cheezy publicity photo of me, circa 2001

So what do you think I do all day anyway?

I'm the Senior Product Line Manager, Core Operating System & Developer Tools at Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA. That means that I'm responsible for the Darwin UNIX-based parts of the operating system, as well as networking, security, and the tools that Apple provides to developers to enable them to build applications for Mac OS X. I'm also responsible for Java on Mac OS X, as well as AppleScript and WebObjects

I'm a "retread" at Apple. Prior to rejoining Apple, I was Director, Product Management for Sendmail, Inc. in Emeryville, California.

Grueling: I had to visit the Sendmail office in Monaco a few times...

and there was the Tokyo operation to look after as well

Before joining Sendmail, I was Product Line Manager for Applications at Apple Computer, Inc. in Cupertino, California. I managed the people who managed a number of software products including AppleWorks, WebObjects, AppleShare IP, Network Assistant and AtEase. Before going to NeXT (and then having NeXT acquired by Apple), I was the National Account Technology Manager at Lighthouse Design, Ltd.(which has since been acquired by Sun), where I worked for over 4 years.